Baby Diaper Waterproof and Absorbent Shorts

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  • Material: outer layer cotton; Middle-layer TPU waterproof fabric; Inner layer made of cotton.
  • Waterproof and absorbent: The waterproof TPU layer makes these training pants waterproof and keeps a lot of liquid. They are perfect for the process where the diaper moves around the leg area and leads to multiple accidents every night.
  • Soft and breathable: These diaper pants made of 100% cotton are soft and breathable for young and sensitive skin.
  • Wide elastic band: The double wide elastic band provides more comfort for baby's belly, comfortable and stretchable
  • Size Table
    Size(in) Length Suggest Age(years)
    M 18.5 2-4 
    L 20.4  4 and above

Type: Unknown Type

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