Collapsidle Storage Hanger

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Organize clothes easily
The foldable clothes hanger can effectively hold multiple items and can be completely converted. Just flip it upwards to effectively save space in the closet. One-click release of shirts and jackets without damaging clothing.
9-in-1 function - to keep clothes in order, without wrinkles, while saving valuable space in the closet!
Foldable design - the 360-degree rotating hook can be hung vertically or horizontally, and the unique pressure lock makes it easy to control the removal of clothes. Very suitable for shirts, pants, thick jackets, etc.
High quality - made of top ABS plastic, without sharp edges, so it is safe for children. The rounded edges and smooth surface can protect your clothes from stretching or wrinkling.
Rugged and durable-these hangers are lightweight but quite durable, holding up to 40 pounds.
Hang anywhere - the lightweight, foldable design allows you to hang your clothes anywhere, so it is very suitable for travel and home use!

Technical index
Material: high density plastic
Size: 33.5cm*17cm

Package includes: foldable clothes hanger*1

Type: Unknown Type

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