Delicate Hemispherical Cat's Nest

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  • Product name
  • Cat Boss Rotating Interactive Cat nest
  • Boss cat owner’s cat house
  • 360 degrees to please your cat owner
  • Boss Chair Modeling, 360 Degree Rotation, Fiber Lining, Simple and Beautiful
  • A rotatable cat’s nest
  • New ways to please cats
  • A cat’s nest which combines the ball chair and the boss chair, takes the cat as the owner’s favorite; the classic shape and simple color matching complement each other with the cold temperament of the cat, and is more suitable for the family with changeable pet style; 360 degree slow shake, the cat can also interact intimately when sleeping and resting, so as to shovel excrement officers and pet’s happy nest.
  • Classical Spherical Chair Modeling
  • Naturally blending in the changing style of home decoration
  • Tasteful artists, now popular with cats decorated their own private houses, Nordic, Japanese, new Chinese, American… Whatever the style of home decoration, this classic cat’s nest can find the right place in it.
  • The speed is just right.
  • Enjoy the good time with ease
  • The cat owner’s rotating axle has been strictly adjusted to rotate at a uniform speed to avoid causing the cat dizziness. Let the cat fully enjoy the fun of rotating the cat’s nest.
  • Spherical depth space
  • Sleeping experience for cats
  • The cat owner’s hemispherical structure and curved surface deep space conform to the cat’s body structure and sleeping habits of hugging children, satisfy the cat’s needs of deep sleep and rest, and bring full sense of security.
  • A New Generation of Fibers
  • Cool and breathable cats like it
  • The inner lining is made of a new generation of fibers, which is comfortable, breathable, and not easy to pill. It meets the needs of cats for comfortable sleep. It can wipe the surface with a wet towel everyday, and it is not easy to shrink when immersed in water.
  • Simple white-grey color matching
  • It’s beautiful to take a random pat.
  • Clean white ash, to meet the different home environment and host personality, will not easily outdated; with elegant shape, let you not only love the sun cat, but also love the day-to-day sun cat nest.

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