Dinosaur Cute School Bag Child Mini Backpack for Kid Toddler Rucksack

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  • Use scenes:Preschool backpack: when a kid is in kindergarten or nursery(daycare) ,you can use your backpack as a lunch box. Ú Diaper bag: when you are in a park, you can fasten your backpack to a trolley. Schoolbag: when a child goes to school, the backpack can put some books, brushes, etc. Toy backpack: lovely dinosaur animal appearance, must be the organizer of the collection of kid's toy. Ý Travel backpack: it is a perfect companion for children for picnics, camping, hiking.
  • SUITABLE CROWD : this kid backpack is suitable for 70cm-110cm tall toddlers (about 2 to 4 years old) and their mothers, they apply to both boys and girls. It well be a good choose for being used as a kindergarten backpack, nursery backpack, daycare backpack or infant toy backpack. Mothers can use this backpack as a diaper bag, put some thing for children in the backpack, such as nappy¡the child's water cup and other things for changing diaper pad.
  • STYLE: the appearance of this toddler's backpack is the cartoon in the zoo. The backpack is large enough to accommodate what a children needs in kindergarten school as a schoolbag, such as books, pencil boxes, pencils or wallets. If you travel, you can put some of your own water bottles, snacks, toys, etc.
  • FUNCTIONAL: Removable backpack safety leash: 1) You can attach one end of the safety leash to the backpack,the other end of the tape is tied to your hand (or fastened to your body) to prevent your child from losing when you are outdoors, in a supermarket. 2) When the baby is walking, it prevents the child from falling.Ú Toy: it is a good exercise to use backpack as a toy so that kids can take in their own things. Of course, it's a great gift, too.
  • PERSONALIZED: You put some iron-on patches on the backpack and made it very personalized you can print your child or your own name on the backpack,because of its space on the bottom pocket.we've prepared the name-printed material for you.You just need to follow the method steps on the picture.Because it has space in the upper part of the main compartment.

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