Electric Blackhead Remover Beauty Instrument Pores Cleaning Machine Facial Cosmetic Tool

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Rose golden


  • Product size: 188 * 45 * 40mm/7.4*1.77*1.57''
  • Material: ABS
  • Power supply mode: 2xAA batteries (Not included)
  • Color: White, Rose golden
  • Function: remove blackhead, acne and white head


  • 1. Small round hole suction head: weak suction, suitable for alar groove and other parts of the big hole probe is not easy to reach, for fragile, thin and sensitive skin, not suitable for large area use.
  • 2. Big round hole suction head: it is suitable for stubborn blackhead acne in T area. It has large suction and needs to move while sucking. Use with caution if skin is brittle or thin. Once a week, about one minute at a time, depending on your skin condition.
  • 3. Oval suction head: suitable for nasolabial groove and wrinkled corners of eyes and mouth. After sucking, pull it out quickly, suck it again and pull it out again, so it can be used repeatedly.

Use Manual:

  • 1. Be familiar with the manipulation and suction on the hand, and then operate on the face.
  • 2. After cleaning face, apply hot towel or export liquid on the part to be adsorbed for about 5 minutes, or open pores by hot spray of face steamer.
  • 3. Pay attention to the technique when sucking blackhead. Try not to pull the skin and move while sucking.
  • 4. After cleansing, wash your face with cold water, apply a mask or use cold spray to do the nursing


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