Hot Sale Practical Multi-Person Simple Warm Tent PET Emergency Portable Tent For Outdoor Activity X85

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Area: Length 250CM×Width 100CM×Height 90CM
Material: PET film
Color: silver aluminized (silver) film with yellow identification tape on the edge
International standard thickness: 12um (micron)

Open the folded tent and spread it on a flat ground. Pass the enclosed nylon rope through the inside of the tent, and fix both ends of the rope to a tree or other fixed position. The bottom of the tent can be pressed by heavy objects (such as backpacks, stones) To fix the position.

Don't open it when not in use, and don't get too close to the fire source.

Product Features:
It can reflect the heat of the human body and can wrap the body in an emergency, which can avoid the loss of body temperature;
Windproof, rainproof, reflective, easy to attract rescuers' attention;
After being folded, it is small in size and light in weight, and is always ready for outdoor activities.
Can be used repeatedly
Multi-purpose, international general emergency life-saving standing supplies, standing emergency treasure chest

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