Pet Cat Dinosaur Round Soft Sofa Mat Nest Warm Kitten Sleep Bed

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  • Material: crystal velvet
  • Features: delicate, soft and comfortable
  • Advantages: Cozy house
  • Size:
    • M: 18in * 14in * 9in
    • Suitable for: 8kg pets
    • L: 20in * 16in * 9in
    • Suitable for: 15kg pets
  • Features
    • Made of high quality thick warm fabric, keeps your lovely cat cozy and warm.
    • Soft, warm, comfortable, washable and durable.
    • Come with a warm removable mattress makes your pet sleep more soundly.
    • Create a comfortable bed for your pet's healthy sleeping and rest.
    • It is super soft and warm, so your pet will feel happy when in it.
    • Once your love pet has his own "territory", keep your house neat and clean will no longer be a dream.

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