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  • The Pet Beds is the worlds best cooling pet mat available for your fur baby.
  • Using this mat will -❤ Provide a cool place for your pet to relax / sleep, at home or on the go! ❤ Innovative cooling technology used to reduce your pets temperature. ❤ Calm your pet down and prevent over-heating.
  • Choose from 3 different colours and 5 different sizes, ensuring you have the perfect fit for your pet. This bed is suitable for puppies and kittens, older cats and dogs, small varieties or large or even rabbits!
  • This mat is perfect for those hot summers days when there's just nowhere cool for your pet to lie down. It's in their nature to look for a cool spot to relax. Providing this mat will give your pet the needed comfort with somewhere to relax and cool down.
  • The mats are ideal for using in your car, at the park or anywhere you desire. Very lightweight and versatile which can be wrapped up and carried in a bag.
  • The mat is made using thin mesh fabric making it super breathable with a thin layer of soft cotton in the middle. The mesh allows heat to transfer and dissipate from your pet, also allowing air in to cool their underside and tummy.
  • These mats should be hand washed only.

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