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  • The Pet Beds is the worlds best calming and comforting pet mat available in the world for your fur baby.
  • Using this mat will -❤ Relieve Stress and Anxiety  ❤ Improve Rest  ❤ Make your pet Happier & Healthier
  • Choose from 4 different colours and 4 different sizes, ensuring we have the perfect fit for your pet. This bed is suitable for puppies and kittens, older cats and dogs, small varieties or large or even rabbits!
  • The plush, faux fur cover provides super cosy and self warming features, your pet will choose to rest and relax on this mat every time.
  • These mats can be hand or machine washed. It is recommended that they are air dried for best results keeping the cover soft, plush and fluffy.
  • All mats come with a non-slip, waterproof and durable base. This is great for keeping the mat in place no matter how fast or hard your pet jumps in or out of it.
  • The cover material is made from long plush super soft luxury cotton which is treated and sourced only from the best cotton material suppliers available.

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