Rotated Catnip Ball Clean Teeth Toys

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Rotated Catnip Ball is a good teeth toy ,you can imagine how excited to see the Rotated Catnip Ball.

Rotated Catnip Ball has three flovers:Catnip, Silvervine, Gall Fruit ,it must one type that your cat will love it.

What ’s the function of the Rotated Catnip Ball ?

Catnip can increase a cat’s  appetite, alleviating slight gastrointestinal discomfort and supplementing vitamin C.

Regulate the mood, make the cat become excited and more intimate with the owner.

The most important advantage is to clean the mouth through chewing the plant fibers in the catnip,improve oral hygiene and keep the breath fresh.

This Rotated Catnip Ball can adhere to any corner of your home ,such as the wall 、door ,windows and so on to attract the cat to click it automatically.


Quality Guarantee Period:18 months

Package Include:   1 x catnip toy(3 balls)



Type: Unknown Type

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