Smart Counting Skipping Rope, Record The Consumption of Calories, Corded and Cordless

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  • Material: PU, ABS
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Color: Pink
  • Features:
  • Intelligent counting, accurately record thenumber of times you skip rope.
  • It can be used without cords or with cords, and you can exercise anytime, anywhere.
  • The length of the rope can be adjusted, and the weight ball can be used instead of the rope.
  • Can count down 60 minutes.
  • 300 times---count down.
  • Record calorie consumption, get a clear understanding of fitness, and let you see the effect of exercise.
  • Increase weight, accelerate fat burning.
  • The 360-degree rotating design of the handle head can prevent the rope from tangling and knotting, making your fitness safer and smoother.
  • The soft rubber handle prevents slippery hands and no need to worry about sweating.
  • Easy to carry and large battery capacity.

Type: Unknown Type

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