The Grinch 2020 Stink Stank Stunk Travel Pillow Blanket for Home Office Super Soft


  • Material: PP Cotton
  • Size: 15.7*15.7in(43.3*59.0in unfolded Size); 17.7*17.7in(47.2*78.7in unfolded Size)
  • Both throw pillow and blanket: Open it, it is a very comfortable quilt, zip up, it is the perfect throw pillow you don't need an extra storage bag. When unfolded, the size of the quilt is 110*150 cm/120*200cm ,its warm and thick, enough to keep your body and legs warm .
  • Soft comfortable: The quilts are made of the softest, which makes the skin comfortable. It can make you feel warm quickly.
  • Machine washable:If it gets dirty, it is machine washable.
  • For living room/in car/travel/camping/plane: This pillow blanket have a lot of use, put it on the sofa of the living room, it is a beautiful sofa throw pillow, if you feel cold when watching TV, you can open it as a blanket; If you want to taking a lunch break at the office, it is the perfect partner; When you want to rest in the car, it can keep you warm .And, because it's so easy to carry, it is great when travelling and camping, especially when you travel by airplane, it is your good friend.
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