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  • 【 LATEST UPGRADED DOG SUCTION CUP TOY】: The toy ball and suction base of the dog suction cup toy are made of food-grade bite-resistant materials approved, ensuring the safety of your pet. The rope is made of the same material as the bulletproof fabric, so it is not easy to be torn or broken.
  • 【 BRAND NEW UPGRADE, SUPER SUCTION】: We have solved the problem of insufficient suction, and increased the area of ​​the suction cup base to make the suction stronger. WARN TIPS: Dog suction cup toys are only suitable for use on smooth surfaces such as glass, wood or ceramic tiles. If there is insufficient suction, please check whether it is due to rough ground or deformation of the suction cup base.
  • 【DOG TEETH CARE & BREATHING SMOOTHLYH】: There are various dental health problems during the growth of puppies, and this dog suction cup toy has a 360 ° rubber granular cleaner and a double-layered sharp tooth cleaning structure, It can effectively clean the dog's dental calculus, tartar and bad breath, and ensure that the dog's breathing is smooth, so that we can interact with the dog more intimately, and no longer have a headache for the bad breath.
  • 【COMPLETELY SOLVE THE DOG'S ANXIETY AND LONELINESS】: When you are not at home, your dear puppy will feel lonely, I think you are worried, right? The newly upgraded dog suction cup toy can be firmly adhered to smooth surfaces such as glass and tiles. The design of the built-in small bell can attract the dog's attention, effectively help your dog release excess energy, reduce the dog's boring time and Desire to destroy furniture.
  • 【YOUR LOVELY DOGS, WE CARE.】:  brand provides customers with 100% PERMANENT REPLACEMENT OR REFUND SERVICE GUARANTEE. Thanks to everyone who loves our products and supports our store, I will provide you with the best service. If you have any questions, please go to your Amazon order detail page "order"- "sold by"- "contact seller".

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