Wireless Bluetooth Eye Mask with Built-in Headphones for Sleeping

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This bluetooth music sleeping eye mask, completely blocks out the light to sleep faser and better, allows you to enjoy your favorite music without additional earphone, music world for you only and no noise disturbance to your roommates or spouse.
It helps you sleep easier and improves your sleep quality tremendously no matter for daily use or air travel. If you're a light sleepers or those struggling with insomnia, this one will definitely help! Great for Sleeping, Relaxation, Air Travel, Meditation and Insomnia.


  • 1.Charging Time: 2-2.5 hours
  • 2.Bluetooth continuous working Time: more than 8 Hours
  • 3.Power/Handfree/Stop/Play
  • 4.Vol Up/Next
  • 5.Vol Down/previous
  • 6. Main Material: velvet
  • 7. Size: 18.5inch/47cm x 4.5inch/11.5cm (Not include the elactic band)
  • 8. Color: Grey | Black
  • Package Includes: 1 x Bluetooth sleeping eye mask,1 x Usb charging cable,1 x Manual,1 x Pouch


  • 1. Completely shaded, no light irritation while sleeping
  • 2. Supports handsfree call
  • 3. Bluetooth Music
  • 4.High Quality Lossless Stereo Sound
  • 5. Built in large rechargeable battery, more than 8hours' play time
  • 6. USB rechargeable
  • 7.LED indicator For Working Status
  • 8.Washable: easily take out the speaker down and replace back so that you could always clean it up
  • 9. Easy to use and operate

Bluetooth Music Play Instruction:

  • 1.Press once PLAY/STOP button
  • 2.start playing,press once again
  • 3.Long press Vol- will constant reduce volume to minimum, a 'di di di'sound will be heardwhen reaches minimum level
  • 4.Long press Vol+ willconstant increase Volume to max, a ' di di di' sound will be heard when reaches max level

Bluetooth Handfree:

  • 1. Incoming call, press once PLAY/STOP Button for auto receives call.
  • 2. Incoming call, press and hold PLAY/STOP Button for 3 sec to reject call.
  • 3. During call, long press PLAY/STOP Button for 3 sec to switch to mobile device.
  • press. PLAY /STOP Button again for 3 sec will switch back to earphone.


  • 1.Can be washable when take out the bluetooth module.
  • 2.Both speakers are not fixed, can adjust placement accordingly based on your size.
  • 3.Please adjust the volume from your mobile or Long press Vol+ from Bluetooth if you can't hear any music.
  • 4.The sound may have a bit noise if there's environmental interference.


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